Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New art! Finally!

Forgive me everyone. For a while, I've been in an artistic slump. There's no excuse. I take total responsibility. But taking total responsibility for it is what has brought me to the most productive year I've had in some time. Maybe even in a decade.

Calysta Johnson

I've found my muse and she isn't the fairy-like spirit or some elusive Greek minor goddess. She doesn't hide in my closet or perhaps even the sweltering confines of the family attic. She lives in me. She is my own determination. She is my own skill and passion. She is me.

Water Spirit

And because she is me, there are no more limits, no more excuses. I have worked hard to achieve the level of skill I have now and I have many more levels to reach. I have so much to learn and accomplish. There's a lot I want to do before I reach the big 4-O. And I know I can reach it, but only if I believe in what my muse can show me.

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